NRH 2018 Annual Report

Walter Sendzik On behalf of the Niagara Regional Housing (NRH) Board of Directors, I am proud to share the 2018 Annual Report. NRH is a leading organization that is working hard to address the issues of affordable housing in Niagara.

Communities across Canada are struggling to keep pace with the challenges of an increasing lack of affordable housing. The issues of affordable and social housing are complex and the solutions will only come about when organizations and people work together. With a growing wait list for affordable housing that crosses all demographics and family types, NRH is committed to finding new ways, more partners and new ideas to accelerate the building and improved maintenance of social housing in our communities.

In 2018, NRH has new housing projects in St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Thorold and Welland. We have forged new partnerships with community organizations like Bethlehem Housing and Support Services. We have increased our investments in updating our own units, and we have worked with non-profit and cooperative housing to create stronger communities through events and programming.

This is only the beginning. NRH understands that housing is a right, not a privilege in Niagara. We are going to continue to lead, partner and support the building of new social and affordable housing in our communities.

Niagara is a place where everyone should have a home.

I hope you enjoy this video of our accomplishments.

Walter Sendzik | Chair

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