NRH 2019 Annual Report

Walter Sendzik

Niagara Regional Housing is more than just housing – it's an organization that offers hope for a better future. Community housing benefits our region at every level. When people have the housing they need, it improves physical and mental health, education and employment outcomes. At the neighbourhood level, housing improves social cohesion and economic development, can lead to a reduction in crime and allows individuals the opportunity to manage their lives and raise their families.

Since its creation by Niagara Region in 2002, NRH has been dedicated to providing and supporting quality community housing throughout Niagara. In 2020, we will be moving to a new stage, as we embrace human services integration through NRH's alignment into Community Services at Niagara Region. This new model presents even more new and encouraging opportunities to solve the problem of homelessness and housing in our region.

I am excited about the future, as NRH continues to find new ways, more partners and new ideas to accelerate the building and improved maintenance of social housing in our communities.

I hope you enjoy this video of our accomplishments:

Walter Sendzik | NRH Chair

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