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Niagara Regional Housing (NRH) has been administering Community Housing for Niagara Region since 2002. Governed by a Board of Directors with five Niagara Regional Councillors and four community members, NRH provides a spectrum of low-income housing options in Niagara through a combination of legislated programs and services including:

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2019 Overview


Households were on the Centralized Waiting List at the end of 2019


Households granted a forgivable loan to help buy their first home through Welcome Home Niagara


Homeowners received assistance through Niagara Renovates


New households were housed through the Housing First program


Rent-Geared-to-Income units provided*


Affordable housing units provided through New Development


Non-Profit and Co-operative units provided


Rent Supplement and Housing Allowance units provided

* This includes approximately 200 units with affordable (80% market) and market rents in Niagara Falls (Jubilee Drive), St. Catharines (Carlton Street), Thorold (St. David’s Road) and Welland (Fitch Street and Roach Avenue).

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