Applying for Urgent Status


Urgent status may be assigned if a member of the household experiences one of the following:

  • Physical limitations and their health is significantly compromised because the building they are living in does not have an elevator and they are required to climb stairs to get to their unit
  • Extreme hardship where the individual’s situation puts them at extreme risk and/or causes extreme hardship and relocation would reduce the risks and/or alleviate the hardship

The following circumstances will not be considered for Urgent status:

  • Police issues
  • Financial reasons
  • Pregnancy
  • Medical issues not affected by current accommodation
  • Landlord issues

Applicants housed under Urgent status who deliberately provide false or inaccurate information for the purpose of receiving rent-geared-to-income assistance may have their rent-geared-to-income assistance terminated.

Housing Services cannot make a decision if a request for Urgent status is not complete. A request for Urgent status is considered complete if all of the following criteria are met:

  • The request has been signed by the applicant
  • The form has been verified by a professional

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