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Niagara Region Headquarters (including NRH) is closed to the public until further notice. Please do not come to Niagara Region Headquarters – call if you need emergency service. We will continue to update this website as the situation changes.


  1. Information from the Government of Ontario (available in multiple languages)
  2. Niagara Region Public Health is the most reliable source of information about COVID-19 in Niagara

If you someone you know needs non-COVID-related care, please contact your family doctor. If you do not have family doctor, please contact Telehealth Ontario for advice: 1-866-797-0000.

Non-Profit Housing Programs

Niagara Regional Housing is committed to diverse and creative affordable housing solutions. As such, we provide support and legislative direction to 65 Non-Profit Housing Programs (non-profit and co-operative) across Niagara.

Generally, 25% of these units are designated as market rent units. The remaining 75% of units are offered to households that pay a rent geared to their income.

New Pilot Community Programs Coordinator (CPC) in non-profit and co-operative communities

CPCs work to keep tenants housed and communities healthy by:

  • assisting tenants in enhancing life skills
  • mediating tenant concerns
  • performing crisis management
  • making referrals to appropriate support agencies

Pilot Community Programs Coordinator Information Sheet

Housing Providers can refer a tenant/member to a CPC by filling out the Housing Provider Request for Community Programs Coordinator

Board Member Applications Being Accepted

Niagara Regional Housing is looking for volunteers who are willing to serve temporarily on the Board of Directors for Non-Profit Housing Programs.

Non-profit Housing Corporations

Non-profit corporations are privately owned and operated by an elected Board of Directors from the community at large. The corporations' actions are governed by non-profit by-laws and legislation, including the Residential Tenancies Act.

There are 39 non-profits in Niagara.

Co-operative Housing Corporations

Co-operative corporations are owned and managed by the members who live in the units. The Board of Directors is elected from the membership and governs in accordance with applicable legislation, their own by-laws and the Co-operatives Corporations Act.

Co-operatives have their own by-laws and restrictions regarding pets, and the rules will vary among individual co-operatives. The key difference between a co-operative and other non-profit housing is that members are required to volunteer their time to help with the running of their co-operative.

There are 26 co-operatives in Niagara.

Federal co-operatives’ administration and funding remain with the federal government through the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

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