Federal Housing Providers (Section 27 & 95)

Required Year End Reports/Documents

  • Audited Financial Statements
    - Signed by the President and a Director of the corporation
  • Auditor's Management Letter
    - Attach a copy of your management letter
  • Accountant's Report & Appendix A (Word)  PDF
  • Annual Information Return - Federal (Excel)  PDF
    - Ensure pages A1 and A2.1 are signed by the President and a Director, and all applicable pages are completed including C1-Statistical Data
  • 10 Year Capital Plan
    - Ensure your plan is current and approved and signed by the President and a Director
  • Declaration of Eligible Income Limits
    - Required for Federal Section 26 Only
  • Auditor's Confirmation of Native Ancestry
    - Required for Urban Native Housing Programs Only

Guides/Tip Sheets

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